Thought Of The Day

I wish there was a "friends who have gained the most weight since high school" filter on facebook for when I am feeling fat.


African Hospitals = Optimism

So the other day i had this terrible cold that just wouldn't go away. I didn't make much of it because a cold is just a cold, but to be on the safe side I went to the hospital to pick up some meds and get a routine check up. The doctor asked me if i experienced any headaches recently and I replied yes to which he was quick to say that i was "exhibiting symptoms of the fatal H1N1 strain of swine flu". Now I'm no doctor but i think having med. school classes from 8am to 7pm everyday does tend to give people headaches, so a flu to a med. student would generally be accompanied by headaches. Despite his premonitions of me only having 2 days to live, I still had to travel to Kenya after. While in Kenya I did also go to a doctor who surprisingly said I was ok and predicted at least 42 more years on my life chart. And this got me thinking, a flu accompanied by headaches in Romania is "fatal" but in Africa it's barely even recognised as a disease? This made me realise what I have to do. My life plan now is that the older and sicker I get, the worse and worse the country I will go to for treatment. So that I will end up being 89 with AIDS, Lung Cancer, Diabetes and Tuberculosis but still be the healthiest person in Rwanda...

Thought Of The Day

Why don't they just take homeless people who talk to themselves and pair them up in groups so that they look like they are having a conversation...


Indians In Space

So today we were having Anatomy class, and focussing on the auricular sensory organs (that's smart people talk for the Ears.) At one point the lecturer brings out the aspect of pointy ears and as an example he names Spock from Star Trek. This got me thinking a bit. In Star Trek we have a russian, scottish man, an american, a black guy even an asian guy, but no brown person. And this got me thinking. Are there no brown people in the future? If star trek doesn't have a brown person in its crew isn't a sign that future brown generations don't make it? I came to the conclusion that all Indian and brown girls (especially the pretty ones) should rethink all their relationships if they want to save their race....

Date a black guy, there's a future in it.

Thought Of The Day

Whenever I'm sad I just imagine if babies were born with moustaches...


Toilet Paper

Like a month before I flew out to join Uni, I remember I wanted to use the loo but noticed there was no tissue and in our house we put the toilet paper in the basement store. So I picked 3 rolls but on my way back up one slipped and opened all the way down the stairs which gave me an awesome idea. So i quickly made my way back down to the storage room, I took more tissue like 20 rolls and began to drop kick them one by one all over the house. By the time i was down the living room was all covered in white which in my mind meant "Mission accomplished" because the original plan was to make it look like it snowed in kenya in June. Although thats when my mum came home, wasnt too pleased. She sat me down and was like "Sammy do you have a girlfriend? You do know our neighbours kids are single right?" Needless to say all the rooms are always fully stacked with tissue after this happened...

Thought Of The Day

By definition the word 'No' means: "Ask me out 50 more times until I say yes..."


Wedding Ban

So back in 2007, i was at my cousin's wedding which was pretty boring so to kill time i decided to put a bottle on the floor and dance around it. It kinda got my mum ticked off despite the fact that after dancing to 3 songs people started joining me in dancing round it lol. So I was told I'm making a scene that i should go chill outside till the ceremony is over. So while i was outside i noticed a meshed fence and that gave mean idea. I hung some balloons on the fence and began throwing forks at them to see if i could burst them. Some kids saw me doing it and a crowd formed where we'd all take turns throwing forks. This also didn't go down well with my mum so i left that spot to go eat. That's when i noticed that on the cake instead of your regular plastic dolls of the bride and groom this cake had the bride and groom in chocolate form which i thought was really cool i mean how often do you get to see a sculpture of your friend in chocolate and it kinda hit me bout those voodoo dolls stuff, that if you poke the doll the guy feels pain? So i quickly took the groom off the top of the cake and ate its arm next to the groom himself to see if he'd feel pain. i even poked his hand to check if it went away. I told him what i was trying then he started laughing loudly and my aunt came and was like, "Don't make the groom laugh! His wedding is supposed to be sad and boring to set the correct tone for the rest of the marriage."
That made us both laugh loudly, gathering everyone's attention.
These events and others that i haven't mentioned are the reason why i haven't been allowed to any of my family's wedding after 2007...


So today i went to the mall coz it said 50% off, but once i got there I found out it was only 50% off on female products. And then randomly i saw a sign that said 100 tampons for 9 euros which i thought was really retardedly cheap for tampons. Anyway long story short after that whenever juice spilled in my appartment i woulndt get a cloth i'd just use one of my 100 tampons
i even coloured 16 of them black and played chess with them. Tampons do in fact rock very much :)