Fatal Farts

So today we were watching news about how some celebrity tried to commit suicide and survived and this got me thinking, why do people who commit suicide and fail stop trying after? I don't understand because it's not like their life gets better after. In fact, i think their life would be worse because they find out "Oh well here is one more thing i stink at!". Thats why these people don't succeed in life to begin with because they give up too easily. My logic is if pills don't work try a rope, if that doesn't work try a gun because there's nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you have set for yourself. And this got me thinking of how i would do it if it was me. If i had to i'd probably do in front of a group of people and yell out, "Who fucking farted?!" and then shoot myself. That way the people who witness it would never be able to fart ever again coz they would have this fear that somewhere out there, there is a fart that taking lives.

Moral Of The Story: Creativity always leaves a lasting impression