Couples Counselling

I've been on a lot of dates and I've gone out to events and stuff with girls enough times to know that woman have the uncanny power to complain about anything even stuff that they are not supposed to complain about, especially at restaurants. Only women say, "Can i see the manager please?!" and as her date all you can do is just stand there with a blank look and slowly try to apologise to the waiter with your eyes because we all know her complaining about the sugar being too sweet isn't a logical complaint, but at the same time you can't say anything against her. I had an experience once when me and a friend of mine went to a restaurant for lunch and as soon as we sat down there was a couple across from us and the woman in the couple started complaining about us, i didn't hear it but my friend did and he turned to them and said, "Excuse me, we can hear you talking about us. Please stop!" and almost immediately the man she was with got busy all over a sudden; everything from fixing his tie to checking his iPhone for emails and even looking at his fork if it was lined up ok with his plate. I thought that was the coolest thing ever coz as a guy you can't talk shit about your woman and this gave me a great idea. I'll start a shit-talking service for men; you setup an appointment online and i meet you in public when she starts acting up i show up and yell at her like "Hey! Stop acting like a bitch! You better respect him. And yes, you do look fat in those jeans." and you have to do as a guy is flip-out on me and defend her honour by yelling something about how no man can talk to your woman like that coz she is a queen and pretend to want to start a fight with me...

Moral Of The Story: Avoiding confrontations has a price tag!