Conversation Quotes

Mark: I told you I wasn't drunk. I was good to drive wasn't i?

Steve: Dumbass I drove us home... you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate!

Accidentally On Purpose

Well the other day i was talking to my mother coz it was my birthday and we stumbled on a little fact that i always knew but never want to accept. i come from a family of 4 children; 3 girls and 1 boy. The first born was born in 1982, the second born, my sister Linda, was born on December 21st 1986 while i was born on January 21st 1988. What this means is that i was conceived while my sister was only 4 months old, hence making me a mistake, which my mother in as much as she tried to not say finally admitted i am. But instead of looking at myself as a mistake i look at myself as a baby born out of pure passion and probably Marvin Gaye's greatest love songs as opposed to planned babies who were made on boring timetables coinciding with ovulation and all that planning that goes into making a baby. So in short i am more of a surprise souvenir from a good time and not a planned outcome.

Moral of the story: Accidents make the best surprises.