Prostitute Delivery

So yesterday was my birthday and while we were hanging out one of my friends brought up the discussion on prostitutes in New York. Thing is, it's a bad time for them coz first of all the american economy is bad but second of all, and more importantly, there's a man who's killing prostitutes in New York. And i thought to myself when a cop finds someone's been killed it sucks, coz he has to go tell the family and that's a horrible situation, but if it's a prostitute that's double the agony because their family probably doesn't know they are a prostitute so you not only have to tell them their daughter is dead plus she was a prostitute. But i thought about it and i had an idea; If you were a cop and you had to do that the best way to go about when you go tell the parents is to start off with the prostitute thing because every father's natural reaction is to freak out and get mad and say something like, "I can't believe this, when i see her i'm gonna kill her!" and you can just reply with, "Oh, funny you should bring that up.." and then tell him she's dead.

Moral Of The Story: It's not the news, it's how you deliver it.