Thought Of The Day

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the straight man's version of Twilight.


Thought Of The Day

No good can ever come of the words, "Come on, be a man and just do it!"

Baby Momma's

When models get pregnant they look like a whole different person coz they gain so much weight. Its always a shock looking at the before and after. But when a regular fat girl gets pregnant its different, most people would see her and be like "Oh hey you. Did you do something with your hair?" Most of us won't even notice and assume she just had one too many cheeseburgers hence the stomach bulge.

Date a model, but have babies with a fat woman... Save yourself the shock.

Conversation Quotes

Mark: She said she likes me coz i'm unpretentious and unobtrusive.

John: Dude, do you even know what 'unpretentious' means?

Mark: It means she likes me.


What Would Jesus Do?

Today i talked to my sister about some argument i once had with my Ex where my ex asked for breakfast in bed and i yelled back at her "Well then go sleep in the kitchen!"... She thought this was dumb and called me a retard. At this point i just thought to myself, "She just called me a retard for no reason.. What would Jesus do?" So i made a new facebook profile with her name, added everyone on her friend list, listed her as engaged to homeless man and put her status as "My brother is super awesome and i'm a dumb blonde".. i give her 3 days to figure out it was me who did it.


Halloween On A Budget

Well due to the current economical crisis and recession this year i had my Halloween on a budget. No more overly-glammed custome or fancy props just a look that was easy and something i could relate to. I went as "The black dude that's about to rob you" so all i had to do is carry a knife around with me the entire night.

Recession breeds Innovation...