Surprise Race

I really don't understand girls. I don't really understand how they interpret the world around them. The other night i thought that this lady and i were in a race. Turns out that she thought that she was about to get raped. Which was an awkward misunderstanding. So what happened was, it was kind of late at night and were the only two people to get off the bus at stop closest to my apartment. She exited the bus then she turned right, and i exited the bus and i turned right as well. She was about 20 feet i front of me and the thing was that i was in a rush so i started walking faster but then she started walking faster. And for some reason my competitive juices just started flowing and i thought, "oooh, a race." and then i literally yelled out, "Not so fast." Then i started running but then she started running. Problem was that she was faster than me so she started pulling away from me and what i said next made perfect sense to me based on what i thought was going on but probably confused the hell out of her, coz i yelled out "what? have you been training for this?" Then i realized that she didn't think that it was a race coz she started yelling out "rape! rape!" at which point i just paused and looked around and thought to myself, "Oh my God! Somebody is trying to rape us!"

Moral Of The Story: Running makes you a rapist.