Super Germ

Ever seen those hand sanitizers that say, "Kills 99.99% of germs"? What's the deal with that? What about that 0.01%? Lets say there's a metropolis, something like a germ city that lives on my hands, the West coast can be my left hand and the East coast can be my right and I come with this big bottle of hand sanitizer and use it. It will kill all germs except for one coz he would be that 0.01% that was left. So i got to thinking that the one germ that survived is like a super germ because if that stuff had killed all the other germs and that germ is still alive he's sort of a king germ, and he could do whatever he wants but he didn't know this because he just lived clueless in the metropolis of Germ World until he figured out he just survived the germ-apocalypse that killed 99.99% of his kind. And you know what, he's gonna be pissed because he would realize that i just killed all his friends, his family, his girlfriend, his invest banker even his enemies. And you know what that germ is gonna do, he's gonna give me AIDS. And thats why i'm not gonna wash my hands anymore coz i dont want that germ to realize he has that much power...

Hand Sanitizers: - A clean way to get AIDS.


Thought Of The Day

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