Gray's Anatomy

The first few weeks of Med. School (even though to this day most people don't believe I'm in actual med school) was a time i will never forget. I joined my university late so i didn't know much bout medicine but i remember one time at the end of class the professor said, "You will have your exams next week, i suggest you study Gray's Anatomy if you intend to pass".. Now in my mind i thought "Hey, i know i came late but i've watched all 5 seasons of Grey's anatomy so i'm gonna ace this test". Little did i know that teacher was talking about Gray's Anatomy the medical students text book by Henry Gray and not Grey's anatomy the tv show; apparently Grey's Anatomy (spelt with an "-ey') was based on the book Gray's Anatomy (with an "-ay") Needless to say that had to be the worst exam in my life.

Moral of the story: Despite all seemingly logical arguments, "The social effects of Meredith Grey's relations with Richard Webber in Season 3", can never be used as a question in a Med. School exam..



Apparently there are rules and regulations to being robbed. If for example I'm with my friends and a person comes to rob us and i run then I'm considered a coward. I personally don't agree with this logic coz i run a lot. There's been situations i had to run on my friends, there are just times you have to say to hell with the situation and run. My logic is that they saw the gun the same way i saw the gun they just chose to stay. For some reason to this day, my ex doesn't understand why i ran on her. Just for the record when i saw the gunmen coming i told her "yo!" but she stayed and the robbers beat her senseless. She got mad at me coz she thought i was just standing there watching but in actual sense it was that by the time i got away, i realized she had the keys to the car and when i turned around they were still hitting her so i decided to wait. I saw no sense in both of us get beat up; I mean someone had to drive home..


Thought Of The Day

Don't you wish iPhones would mark texts from 11:59 p.m. as "Last year" instead of "Yesterday"?