Gray's Anatomy

The first few weeks of Med. School (even though to this day most people don't believe I'm in actual med school) was a time i will never forget. I joined my university late so i didn't know much bout medicine but i remember one time at the end of class the professor said, "You will have your exams next week, i suggest you study Gray's Anatomy if you intend to pass".. Now in my mind i thought "Hey, i know i came late but i've watched all 5 seasons of Grey's anatomy so i'm gonna ace this test". Little did i know that teacher was talking about Gray's Anatomy the medical students text book by Henry Gray and not Grey's anatomy the tv show; apparently Grey's Anatomy (spelt with an "-ey') was based on the book Gray's Anatomy (with an "-ay") Needless to say that had to be the worst exam in my life.

Moral of the story: Despite all seemingly logical arguments, "The social effects of Meredith Grey's relations with Richard Webber in Season 3", can never be used as a question in a Med. School exam..

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