Toilet Paper

Like a month before I flew out to join Uni, I remember I wanted to use the loo but noticed there was no tissue and in our house we put the toilet paper in the basement store. So I picked 3 rolls but on my way back up one slipped and opened all the way down the stairs which gave me an awesome idea. So i quickly made my way back down to the storage room, I took more tissue like 20 rolls and began to drop kick them one by one all over the house. By the time i was down the living room was all covered in white which in my mind meant "Mission accomplished" because the original plan was to make it look like it snowed in kenya in June. Although thats when my mum came home, wasnt too pleased. She sat me down and was like "Sammy do you have a girlfriend? You do know our neighbours kids are single right?" Needless to say all the rooms are always fully stacked with tissue after this happened...

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