Wedding Ban

So back in 2007, i was at my cousin's wedding which was pretty boring so to kill time i decided to put a bottle on the floor and dance around it. It kinda got my mum ticked off despite the fact that after dancing to 3 songs people started joining me in dancing round it lol. So I was told I'm making a scene that i should go chill outside till the ceremony is over. So while i was outside i noticed a meshed fence and that gave mean idea. I hung some balloons on the fence and began throwing forks at them to see if i could burst them. Some kids saw me doing it and a crowd formed where we'd all take turns throwing forks. This also didn't go down well with my mum so i left that spot to go eat. That's when i noticed that on the cake instead of your regular plastic dolls of the bride and groom this cake had the bride and groom in chocolate form which i thought was really cool i mean how often do you get to see a sculpture of your friend in chocolate and it kinda hit me bout those voodoo dolls stuff, that if you poke the doll the guy feels pain? So i quickly took the groom off the top of the cake and ate its arm next to the groom himself to see if he'd feel pain. i even poked his hand to check if it went away. I told him what i was trying then he started laughing loudly and my aunt came and was like, "Don't make the groom laugh! His wedding is supposed to be sad and boring to set the correct tone for the rest of the marriage."
That made us both laugh loudly, gathering everyone's attention.
These events and others that i haven't mentioned are the reason why i haven't been allowed to any of my family's wedding after 2007...

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