African Hospitals = Optimism

So the other day i had this terrible cold that just wouldn't go away. I didn't make much of it because a cold is just a cold, but to be on the safe side I went to the hospital to pick up some meds and get a routine check up. The doctor asked me if i experienced any headaches recently and I replied yes to which he was quick to say that i was "exhibiting symptoms of the fatal H1N1 strain of swine flu". Now I'm no doctor but i think having med. school classes from 8am to 7pm everyday does tend to give people headaches, so a flu to a med. student would generally be accompanied by headaches. Despite his premonitions of me only having 2 days to live, I still had to travel to Kenya after. While in Kenya I did also go to a doctor who surprisingly said I was ok and predicted at least 42 more years on my life chart. And this got me thinking, a flu accompanied by headaches in Romania is "fatal" but in Africa it's barely even recognised as a disease? This made me realise what I have to do. My life plan now is that the older and sicker I get, the worse and worse the country I will go to for treatment. So that I will end up being 89 with AIDS, Lung Cancer, Diabetes and Tuberculosis but still be the healthiest person in Rwanda...


  1. Lucky you got another doctor who was more "down to earth"!
    Enjoyed reading your blog!