Thought Of The Day

So today a friend of mine told me to look through her friend-list for girls she could hook me up with. And going through the list I realized something; girls need to be considerate with their profiles and make their relationship status on Facebook public. You know, so i'm not there wasting my time stalking the shit out of your profile and then 35 photos in i see your boyfriend and i get mad like "who the fuck is this dude kissing you?!" Coz i'm already emotionally invested in this non-existent relationship we have. And i have to keep looking through more photos to try and figure out who he is and what you saw in him, all the while getting progressively more and more hurt that you would cheat on me with a guy like that. I mean i thought we had a connection; i even liked your profile photo even though we're not friends. We had something good, but you ruined it by going to him and my heart is broken and I can never love you the same way like I did before. We have to call it quits and it is sad. Basically what I’m saying is that stalkers have feelings too girls, so be nice and don’t break the heart of the creepy guy watching you.

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