Slim Advice

For those of you who don’t know Magnum condoms are for your big boys. you have to be blessed by the Lord himself to be able to use one. I had a friend, we’ll call him slim. Slim used to go buy magnum condoms, then he’d empty the large condom out the box and the he would put in regular sized condoms inside the magnum box. And i asked him once why he does that and he said, “Coz bro, the girls only look at the box. They don’t pay attention what kind of condom you’re putting on.” And i thought about, it was a pretty dickhead move coz if you think about it the girls he brought home would come in and be all excited when they see that box and might do like stretches or some kind of limbering up exercises when he goes to the bathroom, just to prepare for what they assume is a giant hog and after all that he comes sliding in with his little pecker with all that room to spare; that probably messes them up psychologically. They probably spend the rest of their lives not being able to love properly coz they think they have a mothership for a vagina.

Moral Of The Story: Never trust any guy named slim.