Attack Of The Horns

I think we should respect everyone's opinions no matter what. I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen because i choose to believe in unicorns. Why is it so crazy that i believe a horse might have a horn? There are so many horned creatures out there, why wouldn't there be a horned-horse. It's not like i am talking about a centaur; there's all kinds of questions when it comes to centaurs like how does a human heart pump blood to a horse's body or is it rude to ask it for a piggy back ride. In the deep sea there are so many disturbing ugly creatures, some even 90% nostril and 10% body and they make you ask yourself are they ugly because they are down there or are they down there because they are ugly, but they exist. You know what else is down there? A sea-horse; that's 50% horse, 50% fish. I'm just talking about something that's 99% horse, 1% cooler horse! Another thing that's in the sea is a narwhal; that's a whale with a horn yet noone calls you gay if you put up a poster of a narwhal on your bedroom wall. I just don't get why there's such a smear campaign against unicorns. Like my friends would ask me, "Do they poop glitter Sammy?" Ummm, probably if they ate glitter yes! Or another stupid question like "Do they fart rainbows?" if there's moisture and lighting behind it probably, that's just science!

Moral Of The Story: Unicorns are cool!


  1. at last! a man with brains in his head!!!

  2. haha. Narwhals sh!t skittles :)
    - Ablsn

  3. I tottaly agree!!! :D
    oh and by the way.. centaurs are great too! maybe I'm not very objective because I'm a Sagittarius, but still..