Fight Stories

I know for a fact that i'm not a fighter, i found that out once when i got punched in the face... a lot... in a row! At that moment i knew that fighting wasn't a thing for me at all, and decided i would stop doing it as soon as the guy was done hitting me in the face. If i was to describe the fight, it would be that it was horrible. His first punch i blocked with my face, and the second one i blocked with the back of my head. My plan was to keep repeatedly block his punches till he got tired at which point i would walk away victorious, well, more of run away victorious but let's face it running away is just walking away at a greater intensity so it would be more like walking away victorious but more intensely and at a greater speed. It didn't go well, i ended up with two black eyes, which as we all know is the maximum number black eyes possible. The fight got broken up and the guy that broke it up beat up the guy that was hitting me because he said he felt sorry for me, so technically i'm the only person who has ever fought a guy and came in third place!

Moral of the story: RUN!

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  1. Hahaha. You came third in a two person altercation? _ Abelson