New Reality

I play a lot of video games and i especially like Grand Theft Auto coz it's detailed. I was playing it today and i reached the stage where you have to go out and buy clothes and go on a date with one of the girls in the game. So i bought an outfit that i assumed the video-game girl would like; a nice shirt, some pants and dress shoes, but when i picked her up she said, "That shirt is ugly." So i got out of the car and i shot her in the face because i was angry. I play the game for an escape from real life not an exact replica of what always happens. I don't need to have girl's criticism in real-life and in HD!

Moral of the story: Video games are getting too realistic.


  1. So in real life,you'd shoot a girl in the face? O...k.

  2. This is scary on so many levels....

  3. u rather surpose to cancell the date rather than shooting her....