Old School

I got into an argument with a friend today and i tried to hang up on him and i realized something; cellphones and cordless phones have taken away the effect of the Hang-up.I miss the good old days where you could hang up on someone by slamming the phone down in their face. The slamming the phone was like the ultimate "screw you!" in an argument. Also you knew when you got hung up on too coz you could hear the air coming in the phone and you'd probably try to hang up on the person before they hung up on you. But you can't do that anymore with the cellphones. Trying to dramatically hang up on someone with a cellphone is like trying to slam a door on a person face but the door has one of those spring regulators that make the door move slowly.

Moral of the story: If you want to be dramatic, go old school.. or learn to throw your phone at someone.

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