Lost: Season 11

Today i was asked how i would like to die... It was a weird question but if i was to choose i think it would be in a plane crash coz at least if your plane is crashing you know before-hand and in that last 10 seconds i would get up, get everyone's attention and fart as loud as i can coz i always wanted to do that on an airplane (mostly coz the air is recycled so they'd all have to smell it) The only flaw is if we'd all survive the crash, it'd be so awkward coz they would have already smelt what in my head would have been "my last fart on earth". The only consolation is that if we survive the plane crash we might all be on the new season of LOST.

Moral of the story: Plan you're death, you might get on TV


  1. now i have to writ how i want to die!!! you are disgusting BTW!!!

  2. hehe its my Rendition of "Snakes on a Plane"