Dead Toilets

So today I was looking over facebook invites and I found a friend sent me an invite to an application called "All about me". Now for those not familiar with it, it's basically a survey where you answer lots of questions so people who view your answers can get to know more about you. A questions that struck me was one of the last ones that asked, "Where do you want to go before you die?" I looked through my friends' answers and most of them gadgets pretty neat answers like Paris, Hawaii and Spain. But for me my answer was more logical. I wrote before I want to die the one place I want to visit is the toilet. I imagine the trip from dying to when you reach heaven is going to be a long one and noone wants to go through that pressed and needing a toilet. And what's worse I don't want to get there and the first thing I ask Jesus is where is the bathroom; how embarrassing would that be. For the rest of eternity I'd be known as "Sammy, the guy who asked Jesus for the bathroom the first day at heaven" coz I imagine getting to heaven is like the first day of school and so the after-life would end up being me being made fun of and God nudging Jesus and asking him, "dude, so is that the guy?" every time I walk past them.

Moral Of The Story: Always pee before you die


  1. lol!!! rily? ur crazy!

  2. Typical you! Who says you're going to heaven?