Stalker Appreciation Day

I think by far the greatest holiday for stalkers has to be Valentines Day. Its the one time of the year that "extra" attention you give to a person comes off as benign romantic interest. On a normal day the random flowers and chocolates sent in the afternoon ends up as you being "overly-obsessed and disturbingly clingy" but on valentines they make you seem as a romantic. You are no longer "the creepy guy from the 8th floor who keeps sending me stuff" but are now "the thoughtful person who lives in my building". The beauty of valentines day is that it plays on the stalkers one master trait; Anonymity. Flowers with no tags, poems with no author, or even affectionate texts from an unknown number, all this on a different day would cause a person unbelievable amounts of panic but on valentines its not only acceptable; its the norm. This is the equivalent to what free-range quail shooting would be to a redneck.

Have a stalker on valentines; get more gifts...

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