The Gift Of Giving

Now i am as just as generous as the next guy, i give offerings in church (whenever i attend that is), donate to the homeless and even will be a designated driver from time to time. Well at my apartment complex we are used to having Jehovah's witnesses come from time to time to ask for donations, which isn't a bad thing coz its going to a greater good. Oddly enough being the only black person in the building i think they might have singled me out as a overly-generous person because instead of coming to my place to ask for donations once a week they decided to come everyday of the week. I was more than willing to donate something but after 8 straight days of donations it had become border-line exploitation and i decided to do something about it. So on one fine saturday i waited for them and true to form they appeared at my door in the afternoon. As soon as i saw them through the peep hole i undressed and got completely naked, grabbed a defrosting chicken from the kitchen, lit a candle and put some ketchup on my mouth. I opened the door chanting gibberish and dancing around. When they saw this they quickly assumed i was an african witch-doctor who practices voodoo and they ran away and i have never seen from them ever again; mission accomplished.

Racial stereotypes: the gift that keeps on giving...

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